About MACDAC Engineering

Combining the best software and programming techniques with practical shop floor experience, MACDAC Engineering continues to dominate in the CAD/CAM arena. To date, we have provided Mastercam software sales, training, and support for well over 1,000 manufacturers.

New England's Premiere Mastercam Experts

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Centrally located in Somers, CT, we are proud to be New England’s top Mastercam reseller.

Founded in 1991, MACDAC Engineering has consistently been among the top 10 Mastercam resellers across North America for both sales and growth. In 2002, several employees purchased MACDAC Engineering from the original owners, armed with a focus to drive continual improvement throughout the company.

MACDAC Engineering offers solutions for designers and NC programmers involved in milling, routing, turning, wire EDM, plasma cutting, lasers, and 3D design/solids and drafting. Our customers range from one-person job shops to Fortune 500 manufacturers. The same software that is utilized by large corporations is still affordable enough for the small job shops.

Relationships Drive Results

MACDAC Engineering prides itself on meeting the demanding needs of our customers by providing excellent products at affordable prices and the support necessary to make our customers not only succeed, but to excel with their purchase.

We believe in supporting our customer’s with quality training and support before and after each sale. Our company continues to thrive because each of our specialists is committed to the highest standards of service to our customer base.

Our sales and support teams have decades of experience in the design and manufacturing market. With our support, our customers can quickly reap the benefits of a Mastercam purchase.

Supporting Our Community

We continue to support our local, national, and global community.

Here at MACDAC Engineering, we believe that as people and as a company, we should do good. We focus our doing good effort at our community in a variety of ways. We are involved in a variety of different programs like supporting a homeless shelter or offering free training to unemployed machinists.

We are very proud of our community work and encourage our business partners to get involved in their community too. Let’s do good together!

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