Veteran Owned Small Business

Veteran Owned Small Business

MACDAC Engineering is proud to be an officially certified Veteran Owned Small Business. Being veteran-owned is part of our company DNA and continues to drive us to excellence.

Proud to Have Served

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MACDAC Engineering is proud to have all three owners be United States Veterans. Alan Duprey & John Carpenter served in the U.S. Navy, while Brian Duprey served U.S. Air Force.

We believe that their experience has helped build up our team to be the best we can be and empowers us to handle any difficult situation with excellence.

In this video, Alan, Brian, and John reflect on  their service and how it has impacted our company’s culture.

Alan Duprey

President of MACDAC Engineering

Alan Duprey was a 2nd Class Petty Officer in the U.S Navy from 1981 – 1985. He was Machine repairmen and was stationed on the USS Constellation CV-64 and the USS Sierra AD 18.

Brian Duprey

Vice President of MACDAC Engineering

Brian Duprey was a Sergeant and served in the U.S. Air Force from 1985-1988. He was part of the 819 Red Horse Squadron and was Structural Specialist.

John Carpenter

Executive Vice President of MACDAC Engineering

John Carpenter was a 3rd Class Petty Officer in the U.S. Navy 1985 – 1991. He served in various locations in Electronics.

Supporting Our Community

We continue to support our local, national, and global community.

Here at MACDAC Engineering, we believe that as people and as a company, we should do good. We focus our doing good effort at our community in a variety of ways. We are involved in a variety of different programs like supporting a homeless shelter or offering free training to unemployed machinists.

We are very proud of our community work and encourage our business partners to get involved in their community too. Let’s do good together!

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