Excellerant IIoT and DNC

Optimize your shop floor with Excellerant — a real-time CNC machine monitoring and DNC platform that collects data directly from your machine tools.

A perfect complement to your Mastercam environment.

Excellerant is a shop-floor monitoring, DNC, and communications platform that integrates your CNC machine tool data directly into your existing network of CAD/CAM, ERP, and MES software solutions.

Optimize your shop with Excellerant's Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing Solutions.

Real-time CNC machine tool monitoring.

Your shop-floor data made actionable.

Excellerant is an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform designed to optimize the efficiency of your manufacturing equipment.

  • Monitor your jobs in real-time from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Receive instant email alerts if your machines experience unplanned downtime.
  • View historical data to find and eliminate bottlenecks in your production.

By networking your CNC machine tools (both new and old) together with your ERP and MES software, you can easily generate insights that let you make better decisions, faster.

Excellerant's Shop Summary - Your entire shop, at a glance.

DNC built for CAM programmers.

Powerful, yet intuitive NC file management.

Excellerant DNC was built with CAM programmers in mind. By using a centralized database, programmers have complete control over their NC files and revisions.

Tablets at each machine give operators immediate access to the latest NC file for their specific job. If they make adjustments to feed-rate or other code during manufacturing, these changes are automatically flagged and sent back to the programmer for review.

Excellerant’s “One-Click G-Code Compare” ensures your files are always up-to-date and that code improvements are saved from run-to-run.

A shop-wide, job-aware chat system.

Bridging the gap between the shop-floor and the top-floor.

Excellerant’s built-in chat module allows operators to chat directly with floor-managers and engineers via tablets on each machine tool.

Job notes and live machine data (such as tooling information) is available directly in the chat tool, so there is always context for each conversation.

One-click dialog options are available via the tablet interface, so operators can quickly respond without needing to type.

Excellerant's Tablet Optimized Shop-Floor Interface

Excellerant is making headlines.

Read how Excellerant has transformed the daily-operations of several manufacturing plants and job shops in the below featured articles.

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MACDAC Engineering is the largest CAD/CAM software dealer in New England and has been partnered with Mastercam since 1991. We offer training, support, and services for all Mastercam products.

We believe in developing strong relationships with our customers, which is why so many of them have relied on us for their CAD/CAM needs for years. We primarily keep our sales local to New England so that we can better create, build, and maintain customer relationships for many years to come.


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