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A variety of Mastercam add-ons are available to complement and complete your CAD/CAM system. Increase your productivity by adding specialized add-ons that match your specific machining requirements.

Powerful, Intuitive Add-ons for Mastercam

Every CNC shop looks different. Mastercam add-ons help you get the most out of your specific machine tools and processes.

Complex toolpaths, simplified.

Mastercam’s Multiaxis add-on gives you complete control over three key elements of multiaxis machining: cut pattern control, tool control, and collision avoidance.

  • Multisurface 5-axis roughing and finishing (including depth cuts), plunge roughing, and flowline machining.
  • Create a single multiplane roughing toolpath for an entire part via automatic 3+2 roughing.
  • Advanced gouge and collision detection, a “safe zone” around the part, and safe linking between operations.
  • Fast, simple swarf cutting, 5-axis trimming, and stock-aware drilling.
  • Create full 5-axis motions from a 3-axis toolpath.

Mastercam Multiaxis simplifies complex jobs, including 4-axis rotary cutting and roll-die cutting. Choose from a variety of multiaxis machine strategies that help you increase your productivity.

Specialized Multiaxis Programming for Port Work.

Mastercam’s Port Expert add-on produces precise porting toolpaths for surface and solid data. This toolpath is highly efficient and produces a superior quality finish while reducing motion at the machine. You can use it for any tube-type work similar to a port. Port Expert uses a tapered, lollipop-shaped tool with collision checks for the whole tool (hank, arbor, and holder).

Cutting Options

Mastercam Port Expert offers several cutting options. You can either cut the top or the bottom, or you can cut the entire port. You can also specify how much stock you want to leave.


The Port Expert toolpaths employ 3-axis machining to get as deep into the port as possible. After that, they convert automatically to 5-axis motion without tilt. This eliminates fishtails and inefficient reverse moves. The toolpaths at the center of the port are seamlessly transitioned.

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Port Expert offers roughing and final toolpaths for making ports from billets or castings.
  • Geometry can be created from multiple surfaces that have been stitched together.
  • Calculates optimal tilt angles automatically, so you don’t need to divide the surface or create tool-axis control splines.
  • Mastercam Simulator continues step-by-step through each toolpath, showing even the transition motion at the port’s middle.
  • Creates 5-axis code that is compatible with any CNC machine.
  • Makes it easier to program complex port shapes.
  • Significantly reduces programming time.

Specialized Multiaxis Programming for Multibladed Parts.

Creating toolpaths for turbine blades, impellers, blisks, fans, and other bladed parts is one of the most difficult 5-axis tasks. Blade Expert is an easy-to use, powerful Mastercam add-on that generates smooth, efficient, and gouge-free toolpaths for these complex parts. These toolpaths are highly efficient and produce a superior quality finish.

Self-Contained Processing

Blade Expert’s common-sense operation process generates reliable toolpaths for challenging bladed parts:

  1. Remove the material from between the blades
  2. Finish the blades/splitters.
  3. Finish the floor.
  4. Finish the fillets.

Key Features

  • A precise, smooth, and efficient cut pattern.
  • Can support straight, bull, or ball nose cutters.
  • Automatic stock model awareness eliminates any air cuts.
  • Safe toolpaths can be controlled by an automatic tool axis control.
  • Accurate tip control for seamless blending or transformation.

Automatic and fully-customizable drilling routines.

Mastercam ProDrill is a feature-based drilling add-on for Mastercam Mill and Mastercam Router. Users can customize and adapt their drilling routines to suit their needs and machining styles, whether they are working with solid or surface models.

Complex and high volume drilling operations, now simplified.

From 2D blocks to complex 5-axis parts, ProDrill gives you intuitive tools to identify and manage drill forms and apply the correct drilling strategies.

Use our graphical drill form to create complex drill strategies quickly and easily. Then, with a single click, all the associated features are created. ProDrill creates cutting strategies for an unlimited number of operations.

Additional Features and Benefits:

  • Drilling features include simple drilling, counterboring, reaming and boring, chamfering and counter-sinking, threading and tapping, circle milling, and custom drill forms.
  • Optimized tool plane rotation minimizes unnecessary movements.
  • Includes toolpath grouping for optimal usage.
  • Allows you to create toolpaths for all part operations, or just a select few.
  • Provides accurate collision verification and checking.

Create quality toolpaths in less programming time.

Mastercam’s 5-Axis Curve Machining add-on allows you to make the most of 5-axis machines. Multiaxis machines can be used to precisely trim complex curves while keeping the contact and angle of the tools.

Multiaxis toolpaths are distinguished from normal surface, chain, and point toolpaths by their tool axis control. You have greater control over the angle of your tool relative to the cut pattern. Tool axis control can improve the cut speed, quality, and life of your tools.


Complex 3-dimensional contours can be cut using 5-axis motion. This motion is composed of a surface, 3D chain, or solid edge. It’s generally used for 5-axis trimming operations.


Complex part curves can be machined in one setup using logical motion, smooth transitions and powerful vector control.


Mastercam allows you to quickly access models and other tools in any CAD file. Mastercam can create all the parts you need, so there’s no need to recreate them from scratch.

Import and export part files between programs.

Use Mastercam’s File Translator add-on to import your customer’s CAD model files, no matter what program the part was created in. Start modifying for machining purposes, and get parts on and off your machines faster.

The following CAD file formats are available for Mastercam file importers:

  • Native CAD formats – Alibre Design, AutoCAD®, Autodesk® Inventor™, CATIA™, Creo®, KeyCreator®, Rhino, Siemens NX™, SOLIDWORKS®, SolidEdge, SpaceClaim®
  • Solid modeling kernel formats – ACIS, Parasolid®
  • Standard formats – IGES (Initial Graphics Exchange Specification), STEP (Standard for the Exchange of Product Data), STL (Stereolithography), VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie)

3D Model Based Definition Ready

Save time with automatic import of Model Based Definition (MBD) entities. You can import MBD entities from the following formats: STEP. Siemens NX. Creo. Autodesk Inventor. CATIA V5.

Renishaw Productivity+ Software Solution within Mastercam

Productivity+ is an add-on to Mastercam that allows users to program and simulate a Renishaw® probe for machine tools, and to integrate process control within CNC programs. Productivity+ performs measurements and alignments, allowing set up and validation of parts at the machine tool. This leads to better process control and reporting of machine tool performance.

Be More Productive:

  • Stock and tool setup.
  • Predictive Process Setting — Simple tests are performed to determine if a machine process will succeed.
  • Active in-process control — Using the probe to measure features, and then updating the machining process based upon the results.
  • Informative reporting — provides information about the current state of a component as well as the decisions made during its production.
  • Productivity+ creates programs that run completely on the machine tool. This includes all calculations and updates.

Complex artistic creations, made simple.

Mastercam Art is an add-on that brings the full power of Mastercam to your artistic relief and cutting. Quickly bring 2D drawings, clip art, photos and CAD files to life with Mastercam Art. Create them on-screen and then cut them using simple, specialized toolpaths. Mastercam Art allows users to create anything from simple 2D art to complex 3D sculptures in a matter of minutes. It is the perfect tool for anyone looking to add a little flair to their work.

From pictures to sculptures.

A digital image can be used to create a 3D model. Mastercam Art can scan a photo to create an organic, sculpted model.

Quick and intuitive modeling tools.

Mastercam Art offers a range of modeling tools that can quickly transform 2D line art into 3D sculptures. This includes adding, subtracting and intersecting multiple organic shapes.

1-click mold creations.

Once you have created a positive model, it is possible to convert it into a mold using just one mouse click.

Explore the full suite of Mastercam CAD/CAM products.

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