Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS

Combine the world’s top CAD modeling software and the world’s leading CAM software with Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS®.

Integrate your favorite tools.

Mastercam makes SOLIDWORKS users feel at home.

Mastercam toolpaths can now be integrated into the SOLIDWORKS environment. The toolpaths can then be applied to any part or assembly. Intelligent use of design tables, multiple configurations and other methods automates part programming.

Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS is a Certified Gold Product and offers the best in routing, turning, milling, and routing CAD/CAM integration.

Design parts for 2D, 3D, and multiaxis machining and control your router, mill or lathe with precision and ease.

From design to finishing.

Toolpath associativity makes it easy to modify any part no matter how complicated. Mastercam can help you adapt your favorite machining strategies to any part. Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS, a fully integrated SOLIDWORKS Gold Product, is fast, simple, and powerful.

Mastercam’s active Stock Model and Toolpath Verification mean greater confidence in every project. CoroPlus®, and MachiningCloud support tool library support that helps you quickly make tooling decisions.

Add-Ons Available for Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS

Port Expert
5-Axis Curve

MACDAC Engineering

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30 Years of Trusted Partnerships

MACDAC Engineering is the largest CAD/CAM software dealer in New England and has been partnered with Mastercam since 1991. We offer training, support, and services for all Mastercam products.

We believe in developing strong relationships with our customers, which is why so many of them have relied on us for their CAD/CAM needs for years. We primarily keep our sales local to New England so that we can better create, build, and maintain customer relationships for many years to come.


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